PortraitRhonda McEnroe is the founder of Enroe Studio. This self-taught artist focuses on watercolors in a realistic approach - while relaxing with impressionistic and abstract techniques. Her use of color and light reflects her positive attitude about life. She loves sharing her optimism with others by using her God-given talents to the best of her ability. In fact, "love" is often the word that has been used by many to describe the feelings and impressions they experience while viewing her work. Her artwork is prolific and, since 1979, has been expressed in the full range of styles and mediums.

Rhonda resides in Owensboro, Kentucky. Her sons, Tim and Tom, are the pride and joy of her life. Daughter of a steelworker and a school teacher, she appreciates the dignity of hard work, sees beauty and value in all aspects of daily life, and captures its essence in her works. She enjoys inspiring and supporting the artistic gift in others and presently teaches private and group classes in oil and watercolor, offering demonstrations and workshops upon request. A vital part of Owensbroro's art community, Rhonda chairs the Sister Cities Youth Art Competition, and is a founding partner of Gallery 412.

Rhonda uses two different signatures on her works, depending on the type. The "Rhonda McEnroe" signature is for realism. The "Enroe" signature is for abstracts, figure drawing and design work.

Rhonda at easel

Ms. McEnroe has been commissioned for portraits of people, homes and pets. Samples of her past work vary from the norm to bolder, large-scale projects including an 18 foot oil canvas of nymphs in the forest mystically moving from the ceiling to the floor, and a 18 foot, three-dimensional abstract canvas that wrapped a corner.

Clients with special custom-designed projects should contact the artist to discuss details and possible travel fees.